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Dealing with Cystitis

The symptoms of cystitis include the urge to pee even though there is nothing to pass, a burning sensation on urinating and tenderness over the lower abdomen. Cystitis is due normally, to a bacterial infection. A severe case may also evoke blood in the urine and a fever. You should seek medical attention to prevent the infection migrating to the kidneys. However when you feel the onset of cystitis early on, you can normally treat it fairly efficiently. Your body Ph may have become more acid than it should be while trying to flush out the infection so bringing the body back in to an alkaline environment is going to slow the bacteria down. Take 1/2 a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of apple juice to render the urine alkaline and avoid all meat especially pork, sugar, tomatoes, spinach and anything pickled. Avoid refined food and white bread, coffee, tea and sodas.

To act as an efficient anti microbial take a tea of Bearberry (Lat- Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Ger- Echte Bärentraube Sp-gayuba, Fr-Raisin d'ours ou Busserole, a tablespoon of the dried herb three to five times a day and to help soothe the irritated urinary tract a tablespoon of dried marshmallow (Lat-Althaea officinalis, Ger- Echte Eibisch, Sp- malvavisco, Fr-Guimauve)

Remember to wear cotton underwear and avoid tightfitting clothes. Proper breathing and vigourous exercise will also greatly reduce symptoms.

Try this pelvic breath exercise:

Lie on the floor with knees bent, resting slightly against each other.
Turn your attention inward to the body and the breath. Notice the quality of your breath.
Bring your breath to your lower trunk moving down to the area inside the pelvis. The pelvis can be seen as a bony bowl with a muscular lining moving from back to front like a hammock. See if you can feel the subtle movement of this area as you breathe.
Accentuate the movement of the pelvic floor.
Inhale and gently arch the lower back away from the floor, moving the tailbone backward.
Exhale and contract the lower abdominals while pressing the lumber spine to the floor, lifting the tailbone. Isolate this movement to the lower back keeping the rest of the body still. Repeat this motion, maintaining a constant rhythym full and deep lile a wave like motion. Lower jaw relaxed, teeth slightly seperated. Continue for 12 breaths.

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